Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter hit full force today

Well we are well outside the heavy snowfall area, but the wind is howling and the snow is sharp cutting crystals.  Well, it's a good night to try and catch up on extra curricular things such as blogging. 

I seem to be in a funny vortex of misfortune of late, but with each setback , there seems to be a benefit to balance it out.

Saturday night while I was in the middle of organizing my etsy orders, my computer crashed.  This is a brand new computer  less than 6 months old, and I spent until 4am Sunday morning using diagnostics, and talking to tech support.  Finally about nine on Sunday I was informed that it was the software that was the problem, and I didn't have a warranty on the software, but I could purchase said warranty on the spot and be sent to microsoft, I presume  to have the software issues fixed.  Oh warranty would cost $275.00.  Well the good side of this debacle was that I hadn't shut down my old computer, and I am still able to do business at the busiest time of the year. I still had 3 months of virus protection left on this one.  And I am forced to work without the TV shows, we'll see if I am more productive.

I was able to find replacement bulbs for my therapy light and I think that having fresh light power is helping me remain calm under pressure.  Tonight Paul hit a deer and ruined the van.  Fluids were running out of the front.  We'll see all the damage in the light of day.  

I am preparing for a show in Mankato this weekend the Goldsmith Reunion Fine Art Show    
This is the 7th annual, it will be my third time attending.   Tomorrow I will be packing  and hoping the weather has settled down.