Thursday, September 10, 2009

Internet overload

Well I am probably reaching the boiling point with internet overload! I was plugging along happily with my website and the shop I was running at when my daughter went to college, she asked me to go on facebook and I resisted, but this spring when she was visiting , she got me started. About the same time yahoo ended the blog beta that I had been using, so I started this one .

I guess it is like the feeling of getting a stack of books handed to you and told "The test is tommorow" My mind works on a tactile basis and that is how I learn. Using computers requires me to create my own pictures in my head about how all the networks connect and which ones are most effective, and it is very difficult to get my brain around in my own website organization much less the bigger picture.

I actually wanted my blog to be about other things I do besides pottery, but it all seems linked up somehow. I figured out my video editing program and made a youtube demo on slip trailing, and this too, has opened a floodgate of possibilities in my imagination of things I can do!!

I am feeling overwhelmed , but in a good way, because of all the possibilities.

What I am waiting for is for some one to invent a way to "feel" a piece of pottery online. Then the 3D people would have equal footing here.

Well there are still a few beautiful days left of autumn, so I am going to make a point to get out and enjoy them before winter sets in. I will save the wild ride of learning curves until the winds howl outside.

To those of you who have followed this blog, Thank You, if I haven't added you yet, I will, when I straighten out all of the sites and connections and passwords!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goodbye Summer....

We have been enjoying a few days of the most incredible weather. Seventies and sunny, cool evenings. There is a touch of color appearing in the dense green of the forests. I asked Paul if he would trade living in a warmer climate with longer summer if there were no fall. He said no. I agree. I love spring with the promise of sunny days, but I love fall too, with its' blazing salute to the coming of winter.