Sunday, April 10, 2011


I had a very educational weekend at the Minnesota Buffalo association.  I had some buffalo/bison pots on hand for the Creative Drive in May, so I took those and some other pottery and set up at their meeting. There were other booths there, and some really interesting materials, and lectures about raising those magnificent beasts.  I am planning a trip to Jamestown ND someday to see the National Buffalo museum there!

I am looking forward to our summer season of shows.  Most of them consist of pottery tours where we are hosted by someone. Of course we will apply for Stockholm again this year and hope to attend that wonderful show.

Something new for Paul this year will be a workshop held in New London, MN with his longtime colleague Bill Gossman.   This two day event will be held May 13th and 14th. Bill will be demonstrating large scale vessels, and Paul will be concentrating on "Anything but round"
Click Here for more information about the workshop.  I will be giving two mini workshop April 30th at the Pine Center for the arts   One will cover beginning drawing, and the other will be about marketing your work in online venues.
So things are about to get very busy it seems!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A surprise with my soap!

Well, the Green Swamp road is down to one lane at the bottom of the hill with the water creeping over the sides. I have seen so many birds this week, robins, Sandhill cranes, swans,Canadian geese, it seems to have happened all at once! Soon I will be spending my days outside in the garden along with my studio work!

I got the nicest surprise in my most recent order from Britewerkz  

I am addicted to handmade soaps, and Brite makes the mildest soaps with the most wonderful scents. I was thrilled when my order arrived packed in these cool round sponges.  I have been having fun altering these sponges for use in my glaze and underglaze applications.   I used scissors and an exacto knife to cut the shapes.  They work great left whole as just sponges too.  I can't wait to try these in the studio tomorrow!