Monday, November 18, 2013

We have enjoyed an extended autumn season this year, I had a few extra days to get things in before the snow.  The barn extension was completed, and I have the hay inside and dry. Most of my banty flock (chickens) I moved to a very cozy coop in the back, and Cesare' my rooster has three new hens that he is tending up here at the house. 
We are attending the GSR Goldsmith Reunion Show in Mankato this year.  I am really looking forward to seeing old friends, and this year my assistant will be Lily.
This show meets my criteria as a run by artists show.  They really know how to treat the participants at this show.  The entertainment is always excellent, and there is wine tasting and new foods this year from what I hear.
As the name would imply there are some fabulous jewelers at the hub of this event that has grown consistently over the years into a great show with a great variety of handmade quality items, of which some will be ours, if I get down to the studio and get to work! Later then, Denise