Monday, March 8, 2010

There must be a name for it!

  I still consider myself new to the internet, even though it's going on eleven years since my first computer experience.  Something about the internet experience makes me feel like there's always something new to figure out, keeps it interesting!

I am sure there must be a word for when you are at the computer and a friend sends a link, like my friend did this morning, of a youtube video, and I go off on a big tangent listening to great music, and getting all nostalgic.  My friend says she sets her timer for 40 minutes  if she knows she is about to go down that music tangent.

  It's only 9 am , so I will still get all of my work done before I am off to give fiddle lessons.   There is a ton of greenware waiting for me to slip trail, and I am going to take my camera down, and make a new video for slip trailing with a little more detail.   I also want to edit my first one, and need to take the time to do that too. 

This beautiful spring weather has been great.  Even if it gets cold and snowy again it can't get it's teeth in.   We have made it through one more winter!! 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is near!

Well it is great to be on the other end of winter! Of course we still expect some cold weather and snow for the next month or two, but the worst is definitely behind us now, and it is time to plan the garden, and summer activities.  Above is my latest goat sculptue, I have many more to finish off this week, as well as prepare a wood fire load to be fired next weekend. 
I started contributing to a new blog,

I find it a lot easier to write things in that blog, I wonder why. I guess maybe with my own blog I want it to be interesting, and there isn't really much interesting about my day to day life in winter in Minnesota, most of the activity goes on in my head, this time of year!  We are signed up with a couple of artist run shows this summer and have been making plans for the fall Sticks and Stones festival.   I still haven't started to enter any art fairs but we are looking at a few that are close by.

It has been great experimenting with glazes and under glazes in our electric kiln this winter, but equally great to settle back into the old slip trailing routine.  Crossing our fingers for good weather toward the end of the week!