Sunday, August 29, 2010

Waiting for the kiln to cool

Well the firing went well yesterday. Paul did the whole thing himself with a little help from Lily and I stoked for awhile at the end.  Now we wait.... I will have a bunch of new pots to put in the Etsy shop later in the week.  Other than the pottery, the rest of September will be tied up in getting our Sticks and Stones festival up and running on the 24th 25th and 26th.

This will be the biggest one yet, with the very popular band Monroe Crossing appearing on Sunday.  This has created quite a buzz in the area, and I am going to make a personal request for  their version of "Purple Rain" that I caught on KVSC 's Frets program on a road trip last week.
My own personal favorite Brian Wicklund will return this year on Saturday with a new band,  and a newer name, the" Barley Jacks"   for an evening concert on Saturday.  I got a sneak preview of these guys at fiddle camp this summer, and we are in for a real treat on Saturday!  In between the big acts, we have the Coffee House that will feature  Thea Ennen with her wonderful original  songs and  musicianship, as well as Dave Meeks, Paul Morris, Ben Rossow and Deb Barrett.

 I have nearly completed the 2010 artists roster on the website 
2010 artists roster
Well that should keep us up to date for now.