Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall shows and Studio Tours

Whew Sticks and Stones is over with, and I have recovered I think. A lot of planning goes into our growing show, and we had success this year in putting on a good one.

This all started several years ago when a few of us that held a home studio tour decided to hold the tour in one place, which for the first years was held at the Hovland sawmill  north of town.  This year we held it in Mora at the Kanabec History Center.  The preliminary count shows  over 1000 attended so we were happy that the change of venue did not hurt the numbers.

The visiting artists that I spoke with were happy with their sales and the show in general, and several already want to come back next year.   For me , it has become more about the show than sales. I am the music coordinator and lined up the entertainment for the show, as well as played in one of the bands.   The Whistlepigs String Band was fantastic, an the Fidddle Pals were terrific!  Not a lot of people attended the music, and that was probably the layout more than anything.   All part of next years planning.   Planning that will start next month already!

Paul is in Maiden Rock Wisconsin this week, he is participating in another homegrown event
The Fresh Art Fall Tour

The first frost came which always gets me a little sad. Our gardens and flowers in Minnesota are too short lived!

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  1. The flowers won't be back until NEXT YEAR!?

    I still remember my sadness upon finding that out. The lillies were as tall as me.

    Sticks and Stones was a blast. I am so happy that I got to come!