Sunday, February 26, 2012

It has been a busy week with my classes and getting my new computer set up. I went on Friday to get a back up flash drive for the computer, and also got an mp3 player for Paul. He has been wanting tunes in the shop for years  and his radio isn't any good down in the valley where the studio is.  So I have been busy filling it up with all the CD's in our collection.   Music for me provides very vivid snapshots of my life , just like looking through old photo albums only the pictures are all in my head! Deep down in the archives are the cassette tapes and the record albums.  Most of those I have found later in newer digital versions, but the one in the picture is unique, I have asked , and been told that the stuff they needed to make this digital is gone.  I will have to save up and get one of the gadgets that digitizes LP records if I want to get some of these archived.  I am liking Pauls mp3 player a little too much!

Well it looks like a bunch of snow is headed this way, and if I had broadcast television I imagine the weather guys are having a weathergasm over the big blob of blue in the west!  My teacher friend is hoping for a snow day, and although I am no longer affiliated with school, I still like snow days.  Poor Minnesota has suffered a snowless winter, and although most of us feel like we "got by" pretty easy this year, for me there is a bit of missing the white stuff. 

For instance there are all kinds of things I put off in the warmer months to do in the winter when you cant do anything else outside.  A snow day might prompt me to start some sewing project or re organize some corner.  One of my projects in the living room studio has been experimenting with ink and acrylic on my big stash of paper.   At an auction I got about 700 sheets of 80 lb card stock, and I have been trying different things on it.  It doesn't like getting wet much so I am using a dry brush technique and having some fun with that.  It is so liberating having so much paper because I am not afraid to screw it up.  I have had beautiful watercolor paper for years and I just don't want to wreck it.

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