Monday, October 14, 2013

I snapped these pictures last week as I did a packing job for a friend.  Amy Sabrina passed away Sept 27th.
One of her requests was that I be the one to pack up her artwork to be stored.  You can bet I took my time and moved very slowly as I packed away the work of a departed friend.  I actually said little prayers every time I took a tile down or approached a tea pot on the shelf.   I did not want to be the one to break these now irreplaceable artworks.
The process took me through a journey in time as I wrapped up wall plaques that I remember seeing at "St. Kates" art show in the eighties sometime.  I worked my way through the working history of my friend and colleague.  I got to have one last look at the delicate details of the painting, and run my hands over the subtle textures of the glazes.  The tea pots and bowls surprised me with their sturdiness, as I swathed them in bubble wrap and foam and peanuts,  nestled in their boxes, taped up to be taken from the studio where they were created.   They were so Amy in that way.  Beautiful paintings,  dancing teapots with squiggly spouts,  looking fine and delicate on the shelf, but sturdy and well formed to the core.

Our community celebration of Amy's life will be held with a barn dance at her Sweetgrass Farm near Dalbo MN this Saturday Oct 19th  .    There will be a potluck dinner at 4, with tributes and stories at 5, with at dance at 6:30.  We hope all the Mad Cows, past and present can make it, and any other bands or band members who played at the barn dances over the years who would like to participate are welcome.
  A fitting tribute held in a barn that she so lovingly restored.  

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  1. What an honor...she was fortunate to have you as a friend. My sympathies for your loss. May she be at peace.