Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The new Morris Family member

This is "Goldie", the photo does not show how thin she was when she showed up at our door a couple of months ago. She is the second cat we have rescued from the wild, Barney our other cat is three years old, and is not so welcoming to the newcomer. Anyway, I took her in to be spayed today and get her shots.

Goldie, I think, was not always wild. After she got to know me as the food lady , she became very cuddly, and has a loud purr. I suspect there are cats out there that we never see in the woods. Most people shoot wild cats around here. They carry diseases and are devastating to the bird populations in the area. Anybody that thinks they can dump cats out in the "country" and that they will magically find a new home is deluding themselves. This cat was a bag of bones when she first showed up. Animals that are abandoned in the woods usually become food for predators, or they starve to death.

Since our animal shelter does not take cats, and no one claimed Goldie, we had a choice to either shoot her, or get her to the vet and get her checked for feline leukemia, and have her spayed. Paul and I are frugal people and live on the bare necessities ourselves, so and investment like this was no small matter for us. In these hard times it certainly would have made more sense to just put her down. But we decided to rescue this one little kitty , and I am glad we did. Yes times are hard, but it just made me feel good to give one helpless animal a chance.

Now little Goldie is recovering from her day in surgery in her carrier at my feet. Like I said, she is the minority when it comes to surviving in the wild. Please spay and neuter your pets.

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