Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our new Band "Second Fiddle" played for the first time as an actual band last night. We played for Amy Sabrina's dance crew and were well received. Amy has been holding dances in various town halls over the years, with a dream of finishing off her barn to use as a community dance hall.

Our group has formed over the last three years from a regular jam session held at a coffee shop in Milaca. We were a little worried at first that maybe people couldn't dance to the tunes we have been playing, but all went well and they danced to every one. The ecclectic mix is fun, because each of us brings a different type of music to the group, and it makes for a great variety of dances people can do. I love being in a dance band, because of the audience ineraction. I love looking out at the crowd, and seeing happy smiles as people twirl around the dance floor. There is an exchange of energy that makes the whole thing a giant artwork, and all are participants.

The coolest thing about Amy's dances , for me though, is the age range of people that come. The participants range from child to adult, and there is nothing sweeter than to see a grandpa dancing with his little eight year old grandaughter.

You will see by the link to Amy's website that she is also a long time potter. One of my favorite payments for playing was a nice mug I got one year!

Well that is the cultural and arts report from the Green Swamp for today!

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