Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Balance in all things

Today I put on my happy hat that I bought on Etsy from a really cool lady.   The hat is a tribute to her last goat, who lived to be eighteen.

This purchase was my gift to myself this year, and the money that I spent in her shop goes toward her donkey rescue operation.   This item touched my heart on so many levels, and considering the year end woes posted yesterday, I needed to fill my heart with a little joy.

During my hiatus from computer I have been sculpting, and goats are flowing easily from my hands, I have several in progress animals, but the goats are getting finished first and I am obtaining quite a herd. I can only think it is because of the magic goat hat!!!

Thanks Ady, donkey lady, for the cool hat and for the inspiration!!!

PS Thanks to my muddy buddies who posted with the cyber hugs, it means a lot!!

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  1. these stuff is really awesome.I saw this first time.Hope there is more........