Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January thaw

Here is a little sunshine for folks that are weathering the winter season!  I find it so fun looking through my summer photos in the dead of winter.  It's actually balmy by Minnesota standards today, so after this, I am going down to do the long version of chores. I really enjoy taking care of my animals, it gets me outside every day in all weather,  and I truly would not leave the house some days if I didn't have to. 

In the winter I have a small studio up here at the house, and I am really enjoying making things.  Shipping was the order of the day this morning, and I was surprised and grateful for the sales since I have extended my internet break.    I also sent out another important package, and future posts will fill in the details.

Warmer temperatures here means our southern friends should be feeling a warm up too, I hope so,  I was really surprised when my mom told me it was  zero or below in Missouri where they live.

Here is my cold weather tip for folks experiencing colder than normal weather.  Dress in layers, and start with long underwear.  I put on my cuddlduds  in October or November, and they are a staple of my wardrobe all winter.  They have a bamboo fabric that is so soft it is like a second skin. They last me a full year longer than the silk version I had purchased from another company.   Okay I am off to enjoy the January thaw!!

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