Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Green Swamp Gallery is open


Well I start the post with my new Etsy store, and now the tie in with this blog is a little more complete!
I am very excited about the new electric firings, and have many more sculptures to finish now that I have gotten over the fear of glazing.  I am actually underglazing these and that is all.  I will be experimenting with a base glaze adding colorants also.
  The Green Swamp vision extends into the real world also.  We have big plans for the outdoor gallery this spring, as well as making the schedule with pottery retreat bookings..  Stay tuned for more.

   On a sadder note, I got the rejection letter for the proposal that I made to a large coffee chain to produce handmade mugs for their coffee stores.   Price and customer demand were the failing points , I guess, and a small dream is dashed.    Although I am disappointed , it's only like the disappointment one might feel on a fishing expedition at the end of the day when nothing bit. 

  I have many new ideas that I need to go and work on in the studio today,  and will be filling Green Swamp Gallery with some new items , clay,  paintings, drawings, and more.

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