Friday, February 5, 2010

There is always something new

Well I have been obsessed with a new site  a site where you can design your own fabric!  I have been a seamstress from an early age, and was  thrilled to find this cool site!!

Homemade clothing has been a  mainstay in my life. My first day of school I wore a dress my mom made, and my prom dress and wedding dress were also made by my mom and I.  Over the years, I have been more of a fabric collector than  anything else.  I just LOVE fabric.  So when this site popped into my life I was instantly addicted.  I have designed some swatches and I am entered in the fabric of the week contest this week.
You can vote for the fabric of the week here 

Not only do I have designs buzzing around in my head , now, I am thinking up clothing that will fit those designs, and I can't wait  to see the first swatches that I ordered last week.

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