Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome November!

November finds me in a tizzy, getting ready for the National Rabbit Breeders Convention being held here in Minnesota next week.  I am excited to see all of my old friends from my rabbit showing days!  Months ago when the location was announced, I began to create items for my convention booth.  We always have rabbit items in our regular stock, but with my new slab roller and some different clay bodies to experiment with, I went crazy making all things rabbit!  I have had a good time doing it too.  Over the summer my daughter and I made pendants, using several different techniques to decorate them as they dried.  I have several new sculptures, and we collaborated on 50 special mugs made just for "rabbit con" .  I will be there for the duration of the show, November 7 through 11.

After the convention, we will be doing two wood fired loads, for which we are already building up stock.  Pine Center for the Arts will be hosting us in their gallery in December which coincidentally marks our 28th year as a couple, and collaborators in Morris Pottery.

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