Friday, May 13, 2011

New work, with colors galore!

This is my first paisley plate.  I started doing these just for fun, and now  am making myself a set, still just for fun, and just for me!  This one required an extra bisque firing because I used wax resist on the bisque along with some underglazes.  Then I layered more underglazes, glazed with clear, and fired to cone 6 oxidation.  I work on one at a time, in between my regular studio duties, and I just get hypnotized adding details. On  a sandwich plate today, I let myself get carried away with the resist, layering many colors , can't wait to  fire it, and  layer on some more!
   Okay! So blogger was working on some issues yesterday , and I lost part of this post. I added the works in progress to show the process.  The slab piece shows the first layer of wax resist, and some areas that I put yellow under glaze.  My next step will be to wax wherever I want to keep the yellow, and then add my next color which will be just a bit darker than the first.  Adding layers can go on indefinitely, as I will be painting smaller details within the pattern, after these are bisqued to remove the wax.