Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Domestic Goddess Day!

I got my new sheets today and I cleaned the whole bedroom and beyond getting ready for them! I got a great deal online at Herberger's.  I have a soft spot for Herberger's  , They had a department store in Albert Lea, when I was a kid, and we got everything there.  Now I check their website when I need things and I find some great deals exclusively online.
My daughter and I were talking about how it's uplifting to give your room a cheap facelift, and add that fresh line dried sheet smell and a clean room and it doesn't get much better.  And for sure the cleaning binge is going to go on and spread to the rest of the house.   It must be spring!!
This is a good way to stay busy while I wait for the kiln to cool. The firing went well on Monday. We got done about 11pm.  I can't wait to see the new projects Paul is working on.
I will post pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Nothing better than clean new sheets. Enjoy the clothes line freshness!