Friday, September 14, 2012

Really? May 22? I am such a terrible blogger.  Where is it written that everyone is a writer??
I am on a self imposed exile from the Etsy forums and am on day six.  I realized that although I felt I needed to read to keep up with the changes that the site implements constantly, that immersing myself in it was ruining my day, and therefore stunting my creativity. I was feeling bad about my work and unmotivated to go to the shop.  "The Artists Way " by Julia Cameron has a name for what Etsy was doing to me and that is called the "crazymaker".    When I quit reading I started writing in my routine again.  Actually writing in my journal, a habit I had kept since I was twelve, had fallen by the wayside over the years as I got sucked into the online offerings for my attention.
I realize I have an addictive personality, and that I dive whole hog into things, and have to remind myself of that sometimes, and pull back and get perspective.  

Well it is going pretty well so far.  The work in the studio couldn't wait for my excuses any longer, and once I got rolling I am having a lot of fun and look forward to getting down there each day.  I also made a goal to list at least five new things each day, with a goal of 300 items in my shop by Nov 1.   There are also a couple of live shows left for us to do this fall.
Paul will be at the Fresh Art Tour again this year as a guest of Peter Deneen at Pepin Farm Pottery.
We are also organizing everything here at the homestead, and are planning a studio sale of our own in November or early December.


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