Saturday, October 27, 2012

natural pest control and holiday decoration

I don't have to decorate for Halloween, I have an amazing architect in my window.  I wish I still had a kid at home for a great science project!  This crafty spider is accumulating an array of insects that I don't have to chase or spray, totally organic bug control.
 I appreciate my indoor wildlife as winter approaches , and I keep something blooming at all times here year round. I love my indoor plants and have a big array right now after bringing them all back in , they were crowding us out of the kitchen! 
Good thing  the spiders are decorating the house because I am busy decorating pottery,  getting animals ready for winter, and reorganizing the inventory to accommodate more items in my etsy stores.   I am adding a vintage store to etsy in the near future. 


  1. Spooky "decorations"! I brought all my plants inside this week and have over run with grand daddy long legs.

  2. Great outlook on the spider webs Denise! Another thing spider webs are good for is stopping bleeding, like if you trim hooves too close on your animals,etc.